Feb 16, 2019

Homeschool Freedoms Aren't Free

As Illinois homeschoolers are all aware we are the beneficiaries of decades of our predecessors carefully monitoring what is happening in our state legislature and several times a year quietly taking action on small but crucial concerns. On occasion, word is sent out throughout the homeschooling community to please take action on a specific issue because we couldn't make it go away quietly, but these have, thankfully, been rare.

The primary way we have been able to monitor such activity in the Illinois legislature is through a wonderful, dedicated lobbyist. Lobbyists need to be paid.

We are urging every Illinois home educator or supporter of home education to please join a local group that is a member one of the statewide groups that has a seat on the Ad Hoc Committee or to join one of these statewide groups as an individual. Your membership dues today will help keep a lobbyist in Springfield tomorrow.


Illinois H.O.U.S.E.
Home Oriented Unique Schooling Experience

What is H.O.U.S.E.?

Illinois HOUSE is a statewide network of support groups for people involved in homeschooling. We provide email and phone support about issues related to Illinois homeschooling. Common questions include how to withdraw a child from public school, what the school district needs from homeschooling families and how to deal with officials who ask for more than they're entitled to receive. We have member groups throughout the Chicago suburban area and more spread across the state.

HOUSE groups are nonsectarian (not religious based) and inclusive for all. That means that you will find people of all different lifestyles, educational styles, religious beliefs and unbeliefs. This mix of folks can be stimulating for some, and might not be for others. If you like learning about how all different kinds of people think, live and homeschool, a HOUSE group could be for you. Membership in HOUSE offers a certain amount of assurance to homeschoolers regarding legal issues. HOUSE holds a position on the board of the Ad Hoc Committee for Illinois Homeschool Legal and Legislative Matters, a group that very carefully monitors legal and legislative activity that can potentially have an effect on homeschools. Consulting and working together with other organizations on Ad Hoc, HOUSE is able to supply reliable and timely information to its members regarding legal issues.

Contact us via email at ContactUs@Illinoishouse.org or leave a message at (708) 816.4546 and someone will return your call as soon as possible.

May 9, 2019

SB 2075

Good News and Congratulations From the Ad Hoc Committee:

Dear Illinois Homeschoolers,

Thank you all for all your hard work - making phone calls and filling out witness slips. We have prevailed!

According to our sources in Springfield, SB2075, which would have lowered the compulsory attendance age to 5, did not make it out of committee yesterday, and therefore will be re-referred to the Rules committee, where it will languish for the rest of the year.

This has been a very full legislative season, with a number of bills that we had to watch or intervene with in a very timely manner. The season is not over yet, but we think we're in good shape, due, in large part, to the wonderful responsiveness we've gotten from all you homeschoolers.

Ad Hoc Committee for Illinois Home Education
Legal and Legislative Matters

Mar 21, 2019

SB 2075

To all Illinois Homeschoolers:

SB2075 made it out of committee unscathed and is headed for its second reading in the senate. This bill obliterates parental rights by stating the government knows better than parents when their child should start the educational process. SB2075 lowers the present age of compulsory attendance from age six down to five. One senator told our lobbyist that the ultimate goal is to the lower the compulsory age to THREE years old.

We understand that there are some families whose children might benefit from extra enrichment earlier in life, but we resist this legislator's attitude that NO families are adequate to address the healthy growth and development of their children without being compelled to step back and let the "experts" do it. How disrespectful! How can they claim to be representing our wishes as their constituents?

While this bill goes from age six to age five, this is just one step closer to such issues as registration and governmental intervention for all homeschoolers as was proposed earlier this year. We cannot sit idle like the frog in the ever-increasing temperatures of government encroachment and wonder ten years from now how we lost our liberties.

We strongly encourage every voting member of each household to personally call their senator AS WELL AS the bill's sponsor Senator Lightford’s office and oppose SB 2075. As always, be courteous but direct.

To help you find your senator, you may go to the following site https://www.elections.il.gov/districtlocator/addressfinder.aspx. For Senator Lightford’s Springfield office, call (217) 782-8505. When calling, there is no need to describe yourself as a homeschooler but simply as a concerned citizen, parent, and taxpayer.

Your representatives on the
Ad Hoc Committee for
Illinois Home Education Legal and Legislative Matter